DongYan amused by Baby Zia’s ‘rat face’ impression!

Baby Zia will soon be nine months old and Marian is still breastfeeding her. Marian plans to breastfeed her until she is one year old.

How is Zia now?

“She is really a happy baby. Obviously, like the mother,” Marian laughingly said.

Zia is now able to stand.

“For an eight month old baby, she can stand,” as Marian proudly showed us a photo of Zia standing up in her crib.

Marian also taught Zia how to do a “rat face”.

The proud mom told us, “Dong is afraid (hate) of rats, right? I taught Zia when Dong went to London a new antic.

I said, ‘Oh, Zia and I have a new trick ! I said, Zia, show me your rat face! ..And she did it!

So, she’s different… with other children,‘Beautiful eyes, beautiful eyes,’ it’s different for my daughter, ‘Show me your rat face!’ And Dong can’t stop laughing!”