Look: Baby Zia goes to baby school!

A fast learner! Knows how make an impression of the rat face.

Marian prefers to have less TV work so she take care of her daughter. She does not want her child to grow up without her around.

We were surprised when Marian shared that her 8-month-old daughter is already going to school.

She goes to school with her and Dong wherein Zia usually listens to music and imitates the sound of different animals.

Marian said they enrolled her in a school so that she will be used to people (without fear) and to develop her personality.

The hands-on mom is also thinking of piano lessons for her daughter when she turns one.

Chuldren nowadays really go to school at an early age.


Baby Zia is a fast learner and so cute. She knows how to do a ‘rat face’ and imitates what her parents are doing and saying.