“Our priorities are really focused on raising Zia.” – Dingdong

As Dingdong will soon start a new teleserye, his wife’s show Yan ang Morning is about to end. The actor said that Marian will still be seen on TV via Sunday Pinasaya and her other showbiz commitments.

It is important for both couple to always have time for their child Maria Letizia. “Whether or not there is Yan ang Morning, whether or not there is taping, we always balance the things we do. We make sure that we have time for home, for raising our child, and also time for work. At this stage, it is important that both of us are raising our daughter together.

Regardless if we are doing a soap or not, our priorities are really focused on raising Zia. I mean, there are things that we cannot do anymore just like before.

But it doesn’t mean that it cannot be done again. She cannot be away from her work 100%. She is also enjoying hosting in Sunday Pinasaya and also acting in front of the camera… these adjustments, of course, will only be for this stage.

Our daughter will eventually grow up. The important thing is, we are there for her.”

Dingdong’s birthday wish is not for him but for Baby Zia, he said that he wishes for Zia to grow up to be a good person and healthy.

He also revealed that his birthday wish also is to have another little one. Dingdong said it’s always on their wishlist and Marian and him will always be thankful to God for blessing them with children.