Dingdong on celebrating first birthday with Baby Zia..

This will be Dingdong’s first time to celebrate his birthday as a father.

He said, his views about birthdays changed since the birth of Baby Zia last year.

The actor said, “When she was born, the meaning of why I’m here have changed, everything I do now has a different purpose- ever since Marian and I got married, had a family, and after Letizia came to our lives.”

“I always think before, ‘Why do we always have to celebrate birthdays? Me, I did not really know. But when Marian gave birth and I was there to witness, when our daughter was born, that’s when I realized the reason and importance of celebrating birthdays, celebrating life. ‘Then you just want to relieve that moment everyday,” he also added.

Dingdong concluded, “It is still very fresh to me how Zia came into this world. It is a reminder that we should always be grateful for all we have and we need to keep being good people to our neighbors, everyday, whether it is your birthday or not. Everyday should be a celebration of life.”

This year, his birthday celebration is dedicated in a simple gathering with his whole family and loved ones.

As usual, his wife, Marian is one of the busiest in preparing for his birthday celebration.

“I left the planning to them. As for me, I’m just simple. If we have to be just at home, that’s not a problem. As long as I’m with my loved ones. That’s more than enough,” according to Dingdong.