Gabbi on Marian : She is a joy to work with!

Gabbi on Marian : She is a joy to work with!

Gabbi Garcia shared her working experience with Marian Rivera -Dantes as her co-star in the GMA fantasy-series Encantadia.

The 17 year old actress plays the role of Sang’gre Alena, keeper of the gem for water while Maria is the Ynang Reyna Mine-a, mother of the four Sang’gres.

According to Gabbi, it is Marian who reaches out to her and the other artists in the set.

“People will think, it’s intimidating because she is the Primetime Queen, acting in a scene like crying together. She did not make us feel intimidated. She makes an effort to reach put to us. She makes us feel like,’It’s okay you can talk to me and tell your stories.You can do whatever you want to do in front of me’. She is a joy to work with because she will really support you and give you your moment. She is not selfish. Even if she is not part of the camera shot, she will still support you.For a Primetime Queen, she is still humble,” Gabbi said.

Did she tell Marian that she is a fan of the actress?

Gabbi answered, “I was shy. Who would not look up to Miss Marian? There was a scene that I had to cry to her, at first I was hesitating like, ‘Shucks, I was worried that she might wait for me [for her tears to flow in the scene].’ But it did not turn out that way because it’s different when you’re at ease with your co-worker, you are able to give more.”

Marian would also tell them about her daughter Letizia.

“She tell us stories about her daughter, would show us her photos, she is that open to us. Such a delight.”

Gabbi also learns from Marian how to be a better actress..

“I’m able to get tips from her, because she shows us that in a any scene, do not leave your co-star behind.”