Marian Rivera-Dantes on Dingdong Dantes : It’s like he is courting me again.

Marian Rivera-Dantes on Dingdong Dantes : It’s like he is courting me again.

The kilig is very much present between couple Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes even if they already have a child. Though they are focused on taking care of Baby Zia, the celebrity couple make sure that the kilig is always there like having date nights.

Marian said, “I have to give that to my husband. It’s him who would always request. ‘Are you free? When? Can we go out? Maybe I can have a date with you tomorrow, around this time.’

“He is like courting me again. I somehow still have the kilig feeling. Like, ‘Oh, my husband still thought of that.”
The Kapuso actress and TV host shared that Dingdong often surprises her when she gets home from work..

“Yes, sometimes when I come home, I have flowers, gift, there’s a card. He says it’s no joke to breastfeed for 7 months, no formula. So, he said,
‘Wow, you’re really a super mom.’ He is like that. I’m happy that he appreciates me. He always has a letter for me,You’re a super mom. I hope you will not change.. We love you.’

Dingdong is obviously a dedicated husband and father. This can be seen in his messages for Marian and Baby Zia on instagram. The other day, he posted a photo while in London and expressed how much he misses his wife and daughter.

Marian said there is nothing more she can ask for in her family life.”I am blessed and thankful for what is happening in my life, that my husband is always there to support me. At the same time, the Lord blessed me with a child.Wow, Lord , I wish for more (children) to come.’

Source: PEP