Video: Zia’s first public appearance delighted the audience and fans.

According to Marian: Zia is observant like her dad. She loves to laugh and smile like her mom. She likes to dance like her mom and dad.

Marian gives tips on how to balance word and being a hands-on mom.

a. Know your priorities. If you love and like what you’re doing, if you are dedicated to a task and willing to do everything.. everything is possible. It is very clear to me that my priority is my daughter.

b. Remember that being a mom is a gift. Not everyone is blessed to have a child, a blessing that should not be taken for granted, you have to nurture and treasure the gift/blessing.

c. Be a hands-on mom, this helps create bonding moments with your child. Now that Zia is 7 months old, Marians says it has been 7 months too of her being puyat (lack of enough sleep). Marian does not rely on a on a nanny to do the child care duties. “I give her a bath, I breastfeed her, everything …me and my husband. it’s okay. Such a good feeling. It’s priceless, even if I end up ‘puyat’, it’s okay.”

So to the first time moms out there, always remember these mommy tips. Not only you will be happy but your baby as well.

Baby Zia, ipinakita na sa publiko kasama ng… by dongyanatics