Marian to take a rest from showbiz to prioritize Baby Zia!

Marian to take a rest from showbiz to prioritize Baby Zia!

In an interview with the press after the Press Launch of their new endorsement, Johnson & Johnson Marian Rivera revealed that she turn down a new tv series offer from GMA because she wants to prioritize her 7 month old Baby Maria Letizia!

“We all know that when one gets married, next is having a child. I talked to my management team and honestly told them that my priority is to build a family and it is really my dream to have a child.”

Marian also revealed that she agreed to extend her morning talk show for four weeks and after that sher will take a break.

“I agreed to have a 4-week extension and told them that I’ll take a rest. It’s difficult to do a soap. My daughter is growing up. When I leave home for work, Zia is asleep..when I get home, she’s already sleeping. .. it hurts me. I want to be with her as she is growing up, when she’s big enough, then that’s the time I am willing to do showbiz work again.”

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Marian also thanks Kris Aquino, who made her comeback on tv after taking a long break on her tv show Yan ang Morning!

“To interview Kris Aquino is a big honor for our show. She really accommodated my request to her,’Ninang (godmother), can you be a guest (in my show)?’ As soon as she returned from her trip, I think she made her first appearance on my show. We are thankful to her.”

Marian said she will also guest once Kris return and have her own show as well.

“I hope I’ll be allowed to do so”. Marian said.

Marian’s new show is expected to run until the end of august after a 4 week extension!

Meanwhile, Encantadia will premiere on July 18! We will still get to watch Marian on 3 GMA Shows for now, Yan Ang Morning, Sunday Pinasaya and Encantadia!