Watch: Glaiza De Castro talks about friendship and working with Marian Rivera again!

In this interview of PEP with Glaiza De Castro she talked about her friendship and working with Marian Rivera-Dantes again.

Glaiza said it’s such a delight to work with Marian, Because Marian supports her in every scenes they do.

She also said she also misses working with marian.

Marian and Glaiza supposed to work together in the drama ‘The Richman Daughter’ Marian needed to back out because she got pregnant with Baby Zia.

In Encantadia 2016 they’re given the opportunity to work together again.

Glaiza also talked about her friendship with Marian, she said Marian is one of the most Sincere person and friend she ever know.

She said Marian will be there if you needed her to be.

Here is the interview..

Glaiza De Castro on her friend Marian Rivera by dongyanatics