John Arcilla, admiring Dingdong and Marian’s professionalism.

Award-winning actor John Arcilla is fulfilled in his role as “Hagorn” in the much awaited Encantadia 2016.
He also expressed admiration for couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera for being professional.

In Nelson Canlas’ Chika Minute report last Thursday, John said that his emotions in portraying the role of “Hagorn” in “Encantadia” are deep and hidden.

King Hagorn is the ruler of the kingdom of Hathoria who will sow terror in the kingdom of Encantadia.

Behind his austere appearance and severe violence on the scenes, John wants to show the sensitive source of his anger– it is being unlucky in love.

“If they are aware of what we do, well it’s very tiring but we don’t sense it because it feels really good… that you are fulfilled with what you are working hard for,” he said.

His scene with Marian who will be portraying the role of Ynang Reyna has also been captured.

John is all praises to Marian and Dingdong, who will be portraying the role of King Raquim.

“They are both very professional. You will see Dingdong as a very well mannered person,” according to John.

Meanwhile, John accepted an award from the local government of Manila as one of the Guidelines for Culture and Arts in film.

John’s contribution to the society was acknowledged because of his performance in the film as the hero “General Luna.”