Marian eats alot but maintains her figure!

Marian is beautiful and sexy. She has a successful career. She has a loving husband and a pretty daughter. And guess what? She can eat as much as she wants and not put on weight!

In the IG account of Ana Feleo, one of Marian’s BFF, she posted the Primetime Queen’s photo having her lunch.

Ana captioned it as : 5 isda, isang platong baboy, talong at isang bandehadong kanin. Kargador ang peg! Hahahaha! (5 pieces of fish, a plateful of pork, eggplant and a rice platter. Just like a porter! Hahahaha!)


Netizens expressed their admiration for the simplicity of Marian in her choice of food.

There were also comments of amusement and envy — for how can she keep her sexy figure despite eating a lot.

Marian said in a previous interview that she is not on a diet because she is a breastfeeding mom.

But recently Marian started working out, not to get slimme4 but to be fit and strong.

She said Zia is now very active and she needs to always keep up with her.

Marian is now doing crossfit like her husband. They often work out together now.