Excited to see Baby Zia’s first TVC ?

Excited to see Baby Zia’s first TVC ?

Maria Letizia Gracia Dantes probably is the most famous baby on television right now. Almost everday, fans wait for the release of her first ever TVC with her Mommy Marian Rivera Dantes.

Last May 18, Baby Zia watchers were treated to a sneak peek of her TVC. Everyone was happy to see Baby Zia and Marian in action for the very first time.

And though Dingdong Dantes was not part of the TVC, we know he was there too during the shoot because of the behind the scenes pictures and vidoes which surfaced online. As Dingdong himself jokingly admitted, he will be a stage father and wants to be present in his daughter’s milestones.

The Kapuso Primetime King & Queen’s Princess Zia got the attention of those who have seen the behind the scenes videos and photos because of her beauty at such a young age.

Anyways, we heard that Baby Zia will have another TVC this year, but her parents did not confirm it just yet. For sure, Dingdong and Marian are carefully choosing the product to be endorsed by Zia and would prefer to take things slowly.