Marian and Baby Zia received death threats from basher!

All sorts of sentiments are dumped on social media….and there are posts which will really test the limits of one’s sensibility.

One such post is by @lilixmarvelous (aka @sweeterdesires, kirsten mathilde, saoirse.alexa) who made a threat on instagram that she will tell her NPA relatives to kill Marian and her 6 month old baby Zia so as to eradicate the ‘salot sa mundo’ (plague to society).

In another post, she said that Marian will not even reach the age of 40 due to an early death.

To you Ms. J—-, This is online violence. Just because it is virtual doesn’t mean it’s not real. And just because you’re anonymous, doesn’t mean you will get off scot-free.

Think again, your cloak of anonymity has been uncovered. We would love to embarass you and reveal your real name but doing so will make us part of the cyberbullying culture. Ms. J— S—-n —-tan- of B——s Street, –l—- City and Happy Birthday next month. #StopCyberViolence