Dingdong, Marian, Regine and ogie urging everyone to reunite after the election

SPEAKING of Ogie Alcasid, he and his wife Regine Velasquez are both urging to continue praying for the newly appointed President of the Philippines.

According to the couple, whoever wins the presidency is hopefully worthy of the country and hopefully the voice of the majority prevails. “I pray to God whoever wins… for sure if whoever wins, Lord chose him,” said Ogie Alcasid in an interview with GMA 7, which Regine agreed to who are both supporters of Grace Poe.

Meanwhile, GMA’s Primetime King and Queen Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera who are known supporters of Vice Presidential candidate Leni Robredo are both urging for everyone to unite now that the election is over. Said Dingdong in an interview with GMA, “To anyone who are not in good terms with someone, let’s make peace. What’s important is what we are going to do together after.

“It’s a big thing if we help whoever will lead next. It’s not right if it’s just them, of just us. Responsible citizen participation is very important,” the Kapuso actor also added.

And according to Marian, “Everyone is really praying for a peaceful election and of course filipinos will benefit from this. The Kapuso Primetime Queen also added, she and Dingdong’s voting went well, there was no glitches in their voting precinct.