Dingdong Dantes chooses to be a Full-time-Daddy!

“Yes, I am a [full-time dad,]” Kapuso Primetime Dingdong Dantes replied when asked if he takes care of Baby Zia now that his wife Marian Rivera is busy with her daily show Yan Ang Morning!.

“‘My focus now is really on our baby and my work here in GMA. Of course, the developmental work for the youth is still there but this time, it’s more concentrated on the development stages of Zia. This is the stage wherein she needs her parents the most,” Dingdong stated.

And since the work schedules of the Dantes couple do not coincide, either of them can personally attend to the needs of Baby Zia.

“We take turns. We make sure whenever I have work, she does not have and vice versa.” Dingdong said.

It will be a challenge when the couple starts taping for Encantadia and they have to work on the same day.

Source: GMA