Marian Rivera-Dantes looks forward to having a big family

At the Yan ang Morning presscon last April 28, Marian was asked of the possibility of her getting pregnant again. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last November 23, 2015.

Are there plans to have a second baby?

Marian replied, “Of course, we have our priorities. We don’t want to get into something without preparing for it. Get pregnant immediately? We prefer to wait for Zia to be one year old. We want to set goals and have a plan. We know that we can’t always be active in showbiz , work will not always be there, right? So we want to follow a plan wherein we will be able to provide a good future for our children. I said “our children”, I claim that.

Marian has always been consistent in saying that she wants a big family.

“Yes! Whenever someone asks me , ‘what is is that you really dream of’, I think about it.

“Aside from being teacher, I only have one dream – I want to have a family and have many children.

“That’s really true.

“I will receive and accept what God’s will is – on the number of children I will be blessed with, the more, the merrier!”