Video: Dingdong Dantes sinurpresa ang asawang si Marian Rivera sa “Yan ang Morning!”

Dingdong makes a surprise appearance on Yan ang Morning to greet his wife Marian a Happy Mothers Day.

DD: Congratulations to you for ‘Yan ang Morning’. This time I can officially greet you ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ because the last time I greeted you, our baby was still in your womb. Now you are full-fledged mother. You are a very good mother. I salute you. I hope that someday, Zia will see this episode. We love you.

MGD: Thank you. I am blessed to have a child. I always say, a woman’s (my) life becomes more meaningful now that I have a child because of you. Thank you and I love you more.

Marian's surprise visitor in Yan ang Morning… by dongyanatics