DongYan plan to have their second child when Zia turns one year old!

If we were to ask Marian Rivera, she really hopes to have many children, though she and husband Dingdong Dantes are also planning for it.

“Of course, we do have plans,” said Marian yesterday in the presscon of her new morning show entitled Yan ang Morning! on GMA 7, “it’s just that I am still breastfeeding Zia (Maria Letizia, her 5 months old daughter with husband Dingdong), so once I become pregnant again, obviously I will have to drink a lot of medicines, and I will no longer be able to breastfeed Zia.

“Of course, I want her to be healthier, because she is only 5 months old, if she is already 1 year old, maybe.”

Also according to Marian, her life is very happy right now beside her husband and daughter.

“Becoming a mother is really priceless. That is why I really say, though it is very hard to become pregnant and be on labor, but once you see the outcome, you will say, “Lord, I hope, you give me more”.

“Because when I wake up in the morning, I see my husband, he is very handsome. And when I look on the other side, oh my daughter, she is bubbly as well. She is already all smiles, early in the morning so that is great. She is always in a good mood. I always say, GOD is very good to me to make me experience all these.

“And for me, this is REAL LIFE. Of course, I still love my job but I when get home, I always look forward in seeeing my husband and daughter.
“That’s really it. I think you cannot equate it to anything else. It’s great, it feels great,” also said Marian.

Meanwhile, this is the actress’ first time to host a morning show so this will be a new experience for her and she knows that she will learn a lot from this show.

Source: Philstar