What are their conditions in choosing the product or brand to be endorsed?

Dingdong answers, “Well, one important condition is, number one, we really have to believe in the product. If we are not using or unfamiliar with it, we have to try or test it and we will like it and can talk about it.”

He and wife Marian have been hands-on parents to Baby Zia. If Marian has showbiz work, Dingdong personally attends to Zia like giving her a bath.

“There may be more challenges to encounter. But what is more important is, enjoying it every step of the way. Zia’s development and growing up is very memorable, Marian and I will really be there and beside her 100 percent,” Dingdong says as he looks forward to more chapters of his life as a father.

Marian is very appreciative of him as a father to ZIa, how is his wife as a mom?

“I cannot ask for anything more from her as a mommy. There is a big change when she became a mother. I mean, there is a gradual progress… from the time we started as a couple to having a baby, she really shifted to a very good mother,” Dingdong answers.

Source: PEP