Dantes Family to visit Marian’s Family in Spain this Christmas!

Boobay is Marian’s co-host in Yan ang Morning. They are also very good friends in real life. According to Boobay, among the many lovable traits of Marian which influenced him is to be a churchgoer and be prayerful.

What can Marian say about Boobay’s statement?

“Happy, so happy of course! To hear someone say that makes me happy. I often say that I gained wisdom when I gave birth. As I’ve said, showbiz work is fulfilling because you touch many lives, you are seen on TV, instant money. But I know what real life is because I had to lie low. Showbiz work is really just work. The important thing is beyond that, what do I have beyond showbiz life? As for me, I am happy with my life, after doing the work entrusted to me, when I go home, that is the real life. When I see my child, even from afar, doing her antics upon seeing I’m home, that feels so good!”, Marian said.
What do you pray for?

“Many! I pray for many people, many things. I always pray for my family – for us to be strong, to have many children, that we can provide each child with a good life, that we can raise them as good persons. Of course, my grandmother, my mama, my papa who is abroad, Dong’s family, the people who love me. I am grateful to them,” Marian said.

When will her father meet Zia?

“We will visit him probably this Christmas,” Marian answered.