First time mom Marian Rivera-Dantes radiates happiness when she attended the presson of her new show ‘Yan ang Morning.’

With a supportive husband, a beautiful daughter, a new tv show .. is there anything lacking in her life?

“Well, a person never runs out of dreams. But at this point in my life, I am contented. I am truly happy and contented.If you’re a mother, you can relate to

what I am saying. Having a child gives you a different perspective,” Marian asserted.

What is the first change she underwent now that she has a family of her own?

Marian replied, “I now have a deeper and wider understanding of life. For example, I used to worry about small things. Now, I say ‘it’s okay, let it pass, don’t worry about it. I became open-minded especially with situations.”

PEP attended the press conference for Yan Ang Morning! last Thursday, April 28 at the GMA Network Center. A bubbly and happy Marian Rivera-Dantes gamely answered the questions from the media.

Which show made you more nervous, the pilot of your Marian musical variety show or your Yan Ang Morning talk show ?

“This one (Yan ang Morning)!

“Because hosting is not really my forte,” Marian replied.

Who is your peg for hosting?

“I don’t have a peg for hosting. I just want to be my true self, that you will see Marian on tv. It’s like, I’m not familiar to this but I will give it a try. We want the audience to realize that if they have doubts in doing something unfamilliar to them, there is nothing wrong in considering it,” Marian stated.

Source: PEP