Marian’s talk show “Yan ang Morning” will feature a variety of topics. Does she have preferences regarding the guests on her show?

“They give the script, it’s there, I don’t choose the guests. It depends on the topic. Anybody can guest on the show,” Marian replied.
Yan Ang Morning! is taped before a live audience but according to the show’s director Louie Ignacio, Marian is a very capable host and the show can be aired live.

Would you like the show to air live (in real time)?

“Truth is, I don’t know how to say this but I’m not really comfortable. I’ve been acting , guesting, dancing, I’m not shy doing these things. But with hosting, I tend to be shy. I don’t know, maybe because it is something unfamiliar to me?,” Marian said.

Her husband Dingdong Dantes is a good host. What is his advice to you?

Marian answered, “Just be yourself, that’s what he told me…that GMA gave me this project because they believe in me. ‘So be yourself.’”