Marian Rivera defended friend Bianca Gonzales and Baby from Bashers!

News has reached Marian that some bashers are mocking her friend Bianca Gonzalez’s daughter, Baby Lucia, in social media.

She said, “Bianca Gonzalez and I talked, because it is very serious.

“I said, these people crossed the line.”

In her part, Marian is not worried if ever she will experience what her friend and fellow celebrity mom Bianca went through.

She said, “Those bashers are unacceptable. That is why they are called bashers because they are cowards.

“They pretend and use other people’s name.

“We don’t talk about the bashers, those haters, they are free to do anything with their lives.

“I never answered to any of my bashers.

“If they use their real name, I might answer them.”

But Marian understands her fellow celebrities who answer the bashers.

She reasoned, “We are all just human beings.

“Of course, there also needs to be limitations, they are really things we can control and things that could really hurt us.

“But, what’s important is how strong you are and it depends on what the people around you say.

“Because, if you will just try to understand, your head will just go crazy.”

Marian is certain that even if they want to, it will be very hard for her and Dingdong to make their daughter’s life private.

“How could we make our lives private, when my husband and I are both in showbiz.

“That is why, as much as possible, we only show very limited pictures of Zia.

“But we are not trying to be selfish because we still share somehow,” she said.