Dingdong Dantes gives advice to Ruru Madrid in portraying ‘Ybarro’

Dingdong Dantes gives advice to Ruru Madrid in portraying ‘Ybarro’

More than a decde ago, Kapuso Primetime King Dingdong Dantes portrayed the character of Ybarro in Encantadia. In this year’s return of the iconic GMA fantaserye, Ruru Madrid has been chosen to play the part of this important role.

Dingdong witnessed the entry of Ruru in the showbiz industry and he agrees that the role is should be given to the Kapuso teen star.

“Well of course [we worked together in the contest (Protégé Season 2) he joined wherein I was the host. Even then, I saw his potentia. Now that he is Ybaro, his winning in the artista search has been justified because this is a very important role,” says Dingdong.

He adds, “I’m truly and sincerely happy for him because it’s going to be an exciting ride because in my case, my portrayal in Encantadia is very memorable.”

Dingdong shares some tip for Ruru. “Stay physically, emotionally and spiritually fit. And never forget that he is the keeper/guardian of the Gemstone for Water.”

In the Encantadia requel, Dingdong will,be Raquim and he will be paired with his wife Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera.