Suzette Doctolero reveals how DongYan became Ynang Reyna and Raquim!

Suzette Doctolero reveals how DongYan became Ynang Reyna and Raquim

“I really requested for her to be Ynang Reyna.”

She explained, “When we talk about a queen, who else should we cast and be believable? Only Marian.”

She then revealed that Dingdong agreed to play Raquim. “Dingdong already agreed to be Raquim beforehand.

“He really said yes because from Ybarro before, right?

“He himself said he wants to be Raquim.”

“It’s tough, I’m like a tailor sewing, at the same time looking for holes, I’m looking at the loopholes, the mistakes made in the first Encantandia, will be fixed here in Encantadia 2016..

“At the same time, it’s going to be whole, I’ll have another story ang integrate it with that which is already existing.

“So it’s giving me a bit of a headache. In fact, the scripting, took a long time.”

She revealed, “There is one major character whom we are not revealing yet, will play a big part in Encantadia 2016, and was not a part of the first saga.
“When that character enters, a major change occurs in this series.

“So if you watched the 2005 Encantadia, an avid fan of the show, you have a concept of the story.

“But if you are a new Encantadia viewer, you will see this version which is also different.

“The familiarity of the first saga will be there, but you will still see something new..”.

Source: PEP