“I enjoy being a mom!” – Marian

“I enjoy being a mom!” – Marian

Being called the Kapuso Queen, is a title that solely belongs to her.

“My goodness, what are you saying, many are after the title — two!” Marian kiddingly said.

“Actually, though you might get tired of hearing this, I’ll say this again and again, that the word queen, primetime queen, are just words.”

“The important thing is, I do my job, I make a lot of people happy and I’m happy with what I’m doing and I’m excited to work with the staff and co-artists.
“Especially the cast, it’s my first time to work with them,” Marian said.

She will be reunited oncreen with Dindong in Encantadia, What will it be like that they are together again in a project?

“Of course it’s different, at home, we are husband and wife, a father. It’s also different to be co-workers. As I’ve said, the kilig is really still there and will never be gone , no matter what.”

Is there more kilig now that you’ve seen how Dingdong is as a father?

“Yes, I see how he takes care of Zia. Wow, he has so much passion in being a father. I would tell myself, I did not make a mistake (to have him as my life partner/husband).”

Did you feel any change like your husband’s love for you is now even more intense?

“Yes!” Marian smilingly replied.

“His care and concern has become so much more, many times over.”