Marian still ‘KINIKILIG’ with husband Dingdong: “It really does not fade away!

Though it has only been five months since Marian Rivera gave birth to Baby Zia, she could say that between her and Dingdong Dantes their giddiness to each other did not fade away but in fact keeps getting better.

“It really does not fade away! How flirtatious! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Was there a time where they said to each other that they might follow Baby Zia right away because of being too sweet with each other.

“Yes there was! Just kidding! Ha! Ha! Ha! Wow, should I waste more time?

Then she jokingly said, “Be quite you all, my management will get mad at me. They might say I just gave birth, then I am pregnant again.

“But of course, if GOD decides to bless us with another one, that is one great blessing, so why not. But, of course I want my next baby to have an age gap with Baby Zia.

“I am breastfeeding Zia. So if I get pregnant, I will have to take lots of medicines for the new baby. I just want her to be super healthy and I am very proud to say that I have been breastfeeding her for four months now.”

Until when will she breastfeed Baby Zia?

“Until there is still milk coming out,” she said.