Marian, willing to face-to-face with Heart!

Marian, willing to face-to-face with Heart

Marian Rivera were vexed with delight when GMA offered her a morning talk show.

This is her upcoming show entitled ‘Yan ang Morning’ which will start airing on May. But it also came to her mind if she can cope with this.

“It’s because hosting is not my forte. But like what my husband and I said, especially my Triple A management, there is nothing wrong if I try doing other things which I am not familiar with, right?

“So in this talk show, my audiences and I will both learn at the same about many things. Because I will surely learn a lot from this show. There are lots of things to talk about. The audience will also learn a lot from this.

“Even me on the spot, I will learn a lot. Maybe this is also my way of sharing my advocacies. If what is on my mind and in my heart directly,” Marian said during the launching of the 2016 Campaign of Maxi-Peel called TunaySerye.

Yan plans on making a social media account to ask the viewers especially first time moms like her, on what they want to talk about.

“So I will also have a connection with my audience on what they want to talk about. On what they want to know. This is the talk show that does not need pretensions. Everyone will relate to this!” also said the GMA Primetime Queen.

So Heart Evangelista could also guest on the show?

“You know what, in Sunday PinaSaya, anyone could guest, and I have no right to hold or waylay anyone. Because work for me is work.

“And like I have said, unfortunate events have no space in my life!

“So it is okay. I will just go with the flow. If she wants to guest and our topic will suit her, it’s okay! Everyone is welcome,” YanYan reasoned.

Source: Abante