Marian says her so-called feud with Heart is no longer an issue …or so she thought. Chooses to be positive for daughter Zia.

Marian says her so-called feud with Heart is no longer an issue …or so she thought. Chooses to be positive for daughter Zia.

Marian served as a beauty guru at the TunaySerye 2016 Advertising Campaign by Maxi Peel. This campaign is so daring, ambitious and innovative because the main character of the show is not well known girl with a skin problem, her pimples. Jeff is the name of the main character in TunaySerye who dreams to be a celebrity one day. She auditioned for Startstruck 6 but only made it to the top 35. She is a big fan of Marian Rivera that she once joined a Marian Rivera look alike contest. When she met Yanyan at the press launch campaign, she was in tears and unable to explain her feelings! She has never met Marian. Jeff shared that when she visited GMA network, she took a selfie with a Marian’s Darna standee. There has been a great improvement on Jeff’s face when she attended the mediacon. “I dont know, I will get the best of it. I am so thankful that I got the chance to see her. I’ve been through a lot. I once took a photo with her standee and made a scrapbook,” Jeff said.

“She is really beautiful. Stunning, she looks so sacred. OMG, I feel like dreaming. She is my idol not just because she is pretty but because she is also a great actress. She is good at managing money. She has a goal in every teleserye she’s in. She’s a great person!,” Jeff added.

“I’m getting crazy (delighted), she’s so ready for this.” Marian replied.

In her showbiz come back, Marian has been so blessed by so many endorsement offers and renewals. After PNB with Dingdong Dantes, she also has solo endorsments such as Wilkins and Maxi Peel. “I said, My God, i can’t come up with the right word to explain how grateful I am, what I have right now is such a big blessing by God, He gave me a husband and Zia in my life.right now I’m at the stage where i am so happy with my life specially now that I have a daughter of my own. It really is different being a mom and I am proud to be a mother,” said the Primetime Queen.

She will also have a new morning talk show ‘Yan Ang Morning’ and it will be aired
next month on GMA.

Marian was asked about Heart Evangelista’s statement that she wants her life to be positive. Marian has never given any reaction in the past.

“It isn’t over yet? ha! ha! ha! it’s not over yet? None, I don’t give any comment about that. What I know is, ‘when was the “Dolphy Special”?,’ wasn’t it 2 or 3 years ago? She came over to me. The mere fact that she came to me, i forgave her. So there’s no reason to make an issue about it. What confuses me is why people keep bringing it up. Even Ateng Rams(her manager) knows we are fine, we greet each other. We are civil. I’ don’t know where all this talk is coming from and why they say things like that. There are so many good things happening in my life and that’s enough. Everyone of you, never heard a single word from me. None. Even when someone told me that she called my fans as ‘bad’. It pains me knowing she said that. When someone is sincere to me, why not? Who likes to have a foe anyway. I have a daughter and what i want is to be positive in every chapter of her life so that in time she will see her parents as good role models in her life,” Marian explained.