DongYan: An even more passionate marriage now that they are parents

Two weeks from now Marian will start taping for Encantadia as Ynang Reyna Mine-a.

Yan jokingly said, she is going to have fight scenes, that is why she is already practicing at home. She is also set to fit her costume.

That truth is Marian does not want to think about the Encantadia taping just yet because she cries when she thinks about leaving Baby Z.

But Mrs. Dantes is also excited as Dingdong will portray the role of Prince Raquim which is Ynang Reyna’s counterpart.

“Of course being a husband and a wife at home is different, our life with Baby Z is different, the chance when we get to work with each other is also different.

“Because everytime we have a shoot, like PNB (TVC) which was our (Dong) first time together after a long time, and we were like, ‘Do you feel what I feel?’

“He said, ‘What, you’re quivering?’ ‘No, I’m excited!’ We had a moment like that. So at least, the excitement is still there between us.

“And really, my yearning for him is at the peak! Ha! Ha! Ha! The peak of my yearning is the title! Ha! Ha! Ha!

“Because, what’s funny about Dong is that, the more he is becoming a father, he is also becoming more passionate, he is becoming….. different!”

He becoming yummier, like that?

“No, yummy is, tiring. ‘With him, no. Maybe later, Baby Z will have a sibling!”

“I’m sweating. I’m quivering! Let’s stop this now!

“For sure, his yearning for me is also at the peak. Really at the peak! He’s like that!” Marian laughingly said.