Marian Rivera on Heart Evangelista: ‘I just hope that everything she says matches with everything she does.’

As much as possible Marian Rivera does not want to talk about her long-running fued or conflict with her co- Kapuso actress Heart Evangelista.

Remember last 2011 when the two actresses was involved in a controversy while they were doing the film Temptation Island, which reached a point where Heart’s mom Cecile Ongapauco allegedly confronted Marian in the airport when the cast arrived from Ilocos Norte.

It was nearly five years ago but until now Marian and Heart still cannot avoid questions about what seemed to be a never ended fued between them.

Just like when (Philippine Entertainment Portal) talked to Marian during the presscon of her Maxi Peel endorsement at Sequoia Hotel, Quezon City, last Thursday, April 7.

“It isn’t over yet? It isn’t over yet?” The Kapuso Primetime Queen laughingly reacted.

But she also added, “That’s crazy… actually, you’re right, it’s really nothing, I don’t really say anything about those kind of things.

“But from what I know… how do I say this?

“When was the Dolphy special? Two years, three years ago?

“She already approached me.

“The mere fact that she approached me, I forgave her already.

“So, there is really no reason for those issues.

“That is why I keep wondering it keeps existing over and over again?

“Ateng Rams was also a witness [David, Marian’s manager] that we’re okay, we greet each other, we’re civil.

“That is why I was wondering where it’s coming from and why they are saying those.”|

The ‘Dolphy Special’ Marian is talking about is the Dolphy Alay Tawa: A Musical Tribute to the King of Philippine Comedy which took place at the MOA Arena last September 19, 2012.

The Kapuso actress also added, “Right now, a lot of good things are happening in my life, that’s enough.

“And, you did not really heard anything from us, even just one of you. You did not really heard anything from me.

“Though, I will admit that someone once told me and I was hurt with what she said that my fans are very bad, there, I was really hurt.
“But still, I did not react.”

The entertainment press clapped with what Marian said next about Heart.

Dingdong Dantes’ wife said, “Let’s just put it this way, I just hope, that everything she says matches with everything she does.

“Me, I’m just a human being.

“When a person is really sincere to me, how can I not forgive them? Who wants to have enemies anyways?

“Of course, especially now that I already have a child, I want every stage of her life to be positive, and she could see from us, her parents that we are a good influence for her.”