Big Product Companies Fight Over the Dantes Family!

Marian Rivera has now returned to her endorsements. Besides those she did not accept while she was pregnant with Baby Letizia, there were some who renewed and continued. Her Hana Shampoo TV Commercial can be seen on tv once again. She also has a new TV commercial that we will get to see very soon, her endorsement with a brand of drinking water. And another one, flawless that is like the skin of Marian.

Marian’s pictorials for magazine covers are also lining up. The latest, for this month April, a magazine will feature her about being a first mom to Baby Zia.

But that is not all, it seems like Marian and Dingdong can’t say no to offers for their daughter anymore. Right now, the couple are studying six endorsements, and there are still new offers on the way.

Baby Zia reportedly have a solo, there are also some with Marian, with Dingdong, and with all three of them.

That is why Marian is very thankful not only for these blessings but also for Dingdong’s support.

Though she is becoming busier now, her husband is always there to guide her.

This Sunday, Marian also has announcements to make on Sunday PinaSaya. Also this week, GMA network will finally reveal who will portray the roles of the new Sangre’s of Encandatia 2016, her daughter’s as she is set to portray the role of Ynang Reyna. They will be revealed tomorrow, Monday, in 24 Oras.

Marian also jokingly said, this is it! But their daughter’s welfare is still the most important.