Marian shares secret to “no stretch mark” post-pregnancy body!

Why is it that even after giving birth to she and Dingdong Dantes’ first born, Baby Maria Letizia, Maria Rivera’s figure looks like she did not even gave birth?

Marian confessed one reason, and it is because of Biofitea that she always drinks, the leading slimming herbal tea which she has been endorsing for two years now.

“I also gained weight until I gave birth to Baby Zia, approximately 20 lbs,” said Marian. But now, I am back to my normal weight, which is 97 lbs. My 21-inch waistline is also back, because Biofitea has laxative properties, it flushes food with the unwanted calories that I eat.

She added,

“Which I don’t have to worry about because it does not have side effects. This helped reduce my weight and it also promoted a cleaner and healthier digestion for me.”

Aside from her back to normal figure, Marian also proudly said that she does not have stretch marks. That is why she jokingly said, that she can still pose in a two-piece bikini.

How did she avoid having stretch marks, such we know that pregnant women’s tummy are itchy, especially when the baby starts to grow hair inside?

“I endured it, but it was really itchy. That is where I realized how a mother can do everything for her child. When I could not endure the itchiness, I put hot water, sometimes I pinch my tummy, good thing it did not leave marks too. But the itchiness was gone after that.”

Diamond Laboratories (maker of Biofitea) is also happy because they witnessed Marian’s journey as their endorser from when she got married and until now that she is already a mommy and still continuing to influence their clients.

Marian already returned to work, first on Sunday PinaSaya and next month, she will start her new morning talk show and one of the subjects will be about wives and their husband’s.

Marian does not want to go into details yet, but she might also start taping for Encantadia as Ynang Reyna. They are still looking for a great story for a new soap that she will be doing.