Throwback Thursday: When Marian teaches Boobay how to be Darna.

What happened when Boobay tried Marian’s training for Darna..

Here is a funny Throwback Thursday for everyone!

Back in 2009, Marian Rivera played the iconic role Darna. It was not an easy task for Marian, as she needs to undergo intense training and learn fight scenes.

‘Kay Susan Tayo’ show visited Marian’s training with comedian Boobay dress as Darna. Marian then showed them how to do the stunts and fight scenes with flying colors.

Marian did aerial stunts in harness, and showed them how to do fight scenes and the proper move and landing.

It looks easy for Marian, but when it’s time for Boobay to try the stunts, he learned the hard way. And everyone couldn’t stop laughing.

Watch the hilarious video below: