Netizens spotted Marian Rivera, Amazed by her simplicity.

Primetime Queen spotted!

Recently, a youtube channel called ‘Sidriz TV Vlog’ spotted the Primetime Queen Marian Rivera out and about.

Marian was wearing a yellow dress from her Flora Vida clothing line, while her hair is on pony tail. Even though she’s wearing a simple dress, her beauty still radiant.

OP did not elaborate where she spotted Marian, but by the looks of it, it looks like she is waiting for Zia or Sixto to come out from school.

Netizens were amazed about her Simplicity. “Wow kahit simple damit maganda padin!” (Even though she’s wearing a simple dress she’s still very beautiful).

If you are wondering where to get her yellow dress, unfortunately it is currently sold out on Flora Vida’s official website.