Lucky fans got to meet DongYan while in Boracay

They are down to earth and friendly

The Dantes Family spent 3 days in Boracay last week to celebrate Valentines Day.

They stayed at Aqua Boracay in Bulabog Beach, Balabag, Boracay. Because DongYan’s 2 angels Yaya G and Yaya D went with them, DongYan had the time to roam around the island without their children.

Lucky fans got to meet DongYan while they were having a stroll around the island. They were so excited to see DongYan, they immediately approached DongYan and asked for a photo.

Dong and Marian were so friendly and approachable that they immediately stop to take photos with fans.

Fans were so delighted how nice and friendly DongYan are. They said that they are very down to earth couple.

Check out the video below:

Thank you to Hanzel Cueto Pesarit for sharing his video.