Dong Dantes and Eruption dance Ting Ting Tang Tang gone viral!

Dong Dantes with Eruption.

Eruption together with his friends Kiko Matos, Kenjhons Serrano, Mammoth Estroso on Family Feud last January 25th.

Eruption’s team end up winning the P200,000 Jackpot with Kiko Matos getting all the top answers correctly.

Family Feud’s official Tiktok account posted a clip of Dong Dantes and Team Eruption dancing to Ting Ting Tang Tang Dance, a dance craze that went viral on Tiktok.

The video also went viral and now has over 14 Million views on Tiktok. It’s the most viewed video on Family Feud’s official Tiktok Account.

Check it out below!

@familyfeudph Eruption x Dingdong Dantes dance troupe? 🤘🏻 #fyp #familyfeudph ♬ 原聲 – ABCandE