Marian Rivera fast talk with Boy Abunda!

Marian and Boy.

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera is the first ever guest of the new Kapuso King of Talk Show Boy Abunda’s new show Fast Talk with Boy Abunda.

“Thank you so much Marian, It’s an honor to be able to do fast talk with you. From the bottom of my heart I’m so grateful that you are the first guest here in Fast Talk.” Boy said.

Here’s the translation of Their fast talk for International fans.

BA: Ding or Dong?
MR: Dong!
BA: Tingting or Tangtang?
MR: Tingting!
BA: Tears or Rain?
MR: Rain!
BA: Do it together or do it by ourselves?
MR: Do it together.
BA: Gigiling or Gugulong?
MR: Gigiling!
BA: Sipa or Tadyak?
MR: Tadyak!
BA: Slap or Hair pull?
MR: Hair Pull!
BA: Pull or Push?
MR: Push!
BA: Fight that you will back off?
MR: None!
BA: Inang reyna or Inang madyenta?
MR: Inang reyna!
BA: Beautiful or Powerful?
MR: Powerful
BA: Sexiest part of Dingdong’s body?
MR: Chest!
BA: If Dingdong turns into an animal what animal would it be?
MR: Lion!
BA: You feel sexy everytime Dingdong does it to you?
MR: when he kiss my feet!
BA: Oh my God! last text message from Dingdong?
MR: I love you!
BA: Complete the sentence I get tickled when?
MR: Everytime Dingdong kisses me in the neck!
BA: What will you do if someone has a crush on Dingdong?
MR: Ignore it, for now..
BA: Do you always get jealous?
MR: It depends!
BA: When was the last time you lied?
MR: It’s been so long..
BA: If you are a flower what kind of flower are you?
MR: Roses!
BA: The first thing you do in the morning?
MR: Brushing my teeth
BA: The last thing you do in the evening?
MR: Kissing my children and my husband!
BA: Traits of you that Zia got?
MR: Very sweet!
BA: traits of you that you don’t want Zia to get?
MR: Being a mean girl!
BA: Sunrise or Sunset?
MR: Sunrise!
BA: Love or Career?
MR: Love!
BA: Endless love or True love?
MR: True love!
BA: what gender you would want to have for your third child? Girl or Boy?
MR: both!
BA: When do you feel most beautiful?
MR: Every morning!
BA: Sexiest time of the day?
MR: Everyday!
BA: Lights off or lights on?
MR: Lights on!
BA: Happiness or chocolates?
MR: Happiness!
BA: Best time for happiness?
MR: Everyday!
BA: A fight that you can’t win?
MR: None!
BA: If we see your heart what is the question that is written to it?
MR: Why are you blessing me so much Lord. before, I told him every morning my dream and it is to have a happy and complete family which is I don’t have before. But now every morning I wake up and I have complete family with me and I say Lord thank you for your grace, thank you for all of the blessings.

Here’s the episode: