Dong Dantes nagulat sa ginawa ni roxorbeat!

Dong Dantes were shocked to hear what roxotbeat can do.

Roxorbeat, a tiktoker with more than 600k followers and Philippine BeatBox Champion 2019 was recently a guest on Dong Dantes’ number 1 gameshow Family Feud.

Before the game starts Roxorbeat asked Dong if he can show his talent to him. “Sir Dingdong meron kasi ako talent e, gusto ko lang ipa judge sayo. Ok lang?” He asked.

Dong agreed, and roxorbeat said, “Your name is Dingdong Dantes right?” The next thing he does shocked Dong. You can see it on his face how shocked he is.

Watch below to find out why!

Roxorbeat also did “Family Feud” that also shocked Dong.