Marian Rivera napahanga kay Miguel Tan Felix!

Good Job!

Many people admire the Kapuso actor Miguel Tanfelix because of what he did, he shares the 2 million prize he won on “The Wall Philippines”.

He and his loveteam partner Ysabel Ortega were really hoping to win because they had a good plan. They wish to give it to someone who is in need of assistance.

The good thing is they won! they won almost 2 million pesos. What’s great about Miguel was that he fulfilled what he said, he personally bought groceries and gave it to random people on the street, he thinks really needs help.

Even though he uploaded the video on YouTube while distributing the groceries to the random people, atleast his intention are clear and genuine but some people commented and asking him why does it need to be uploaded on YouTube.

Marian also cant resist but to praise Miguel on her comment on Miguel’s Ig post saying “good job”

Even though some people are asking why it does it need to be uploaded on YouTube, still, there’s much of people who really admire and love Miguel Tanfelix because of his clear and genuine intention.

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