Marian’s reaction to Angelica Panganiban’s new baby girl!

Marian and Angelica

Angelica Panganiban was so happy to share the photo of her new born baby girl. She’s very excited to share these moments because she’s been hoping for it for a long time.

She’s been waiting for this moment to come true and now it happened, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Amila Sabine Homan.

You can see in the photo that Amila’s eyes are so unique, she has a different eye color compared to others.

Even though Angelica didn’t post the entire face of her baby, you can tell that the baby is so gorgeous by just looking in her eyes. She’s very beautiful just like her mother.

Angelica Panganiban gave birth to her first born baby last Sept 20. 2022. Amila is  her first born baby with her non showbiz partner. In her IG post she captioned the photo with “‘Bean’ waiting for you all my life.”

The posted photo got viral in just a few hours and also received a lot of reaction and comments from the netizens and from  celebrities who are very close to Angelica.

And Marian Rivera is one of those, she commented ‘😍’ emoji which means she’s very happy for Angelica Panganiban.