Aiko explained why Marian is her favorite and one of the most beautiful in showbiz.

Aiko Melendez named the Top Most Beautiful women in showbiz in her opinion.

In a video posted on her YT Channel, Veteran Actress Aiko Melendez explained why she thinks these actresses is the beautiful.

First and foremost she mentioned is none other than the Primetime Queen Marian Rivera. She said Marian is her favorite. She also explained why she thinks Marian is one of the most beautiful actresses in showbiz.

“You cannot claim that I am wrong because this is simply my opinion, and if you disagree with it, so be it. But these are the most stunning women in show business in my opinion.” She said.

She then started to mention Marian first. “I won’t rate them, I’ll just speak their names in any order. I’ll start by mentioning Marian Rivera because she is my favorite. I like her because she has always been direct to the point and honest on how she’s feeling towards someone or something.”

There are many factors why Marian is her favorite and on her most beautiful list. One factor is that Marian is very transparent.

“She don’t mind what others opinion about her or what will they say about her. She’s the type of ‘what you see is what you get’ and what makes her more even beautiful is she’s very true to herself plus when I saw her in person her skin is so good, its very white and flawless. Her skin looks like Snow White.”

Another factor for Ms. Aiko is Marian’s politeness and humbleness. She also mentioned Marian timeless beauty left her starstrucked.

“And then when we finally having a conversation and we are also talking on IG. I can say that she’s very kind and she’s very polite and humble. I was recalling this moment when Im receiving the best supporting award on star awards, I can’t focus and I got blanked and the reason was Im so starstruck on Marian, everytime I see her I can’t get my eyes away.”

“And that’s so rare that I got starstruck to someone. I was about to accept my award and then I suddenly forgot my speech. And then I greeted Marian and I thanked Marian even though she’s not connected on the movie I made. In front of Dingdong I said ‘Marian Rivera is my ultimate girl crush’ but it’s just that I adore her so much because she’s so beautiful inside and out.”