Marian: “Talagang hoping pa ako for one last baby!”

Marian Rivera admits she wants one more baby: “I really hoping to have one last baby”

One of the entertainment press asked Marian Rivera if there is a possibility that she and Dingdong Dantes will have another baby after Sixto, that question makes Marian laughed.

It happened during Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera’s virtual media conference last November 8 for the 4th anniversary of her weekly anthology ‘Tadhana,’ which she hosts.

The Dantes Family were able to take vacation, “It hits different when the kids are able play and enjoy various games outside. But in our case now, we are not always able to do that, the first priority is the safety of the kids.” Marian said.

“I enjoy to see Zia and Sixto happy and having a great time. But Dong and I still have a moment together, we go outside to stare the moon and stars. Things like that!”


In that point the hot momma laughed even harder when She was asked if they had already made another baby next to Sixto during their time spent stargazing.

“Don’t worry, when that happens, I will notify you right away, but it hasn’t happened yet,” she replied with a smile.

She said they dont have an agreement neither to have another baby or Sixto will just be the youngest.

“We dont have anything like that, we dont have agreement about it. For us if its God’s will for us to have another baby we will accept it wholeheartedly.”

However, if she is the one who is asked, she genuinely wants and hopes to have one more child.
“Why not? We just can’t tell when it will happen but Im really hoping for one last baby. Zia and Sixto are already more than enough for me but if God blesses us and give us another one why not? right?”