Marian Rivera Budgeting Tips!

Marian’s homemaking tips!

Marian Rivera doesn’t spend so much money on building their new house.

Even though they have the capacity to go shopping and buy branded furniture and home necessities, it is more important for her to budget the process of their new house.

TIP 1: Look for a PEG first.

Marian claims she prefers best deals to expensive ones. Her secret is to look for a peg before you go shopping. “Always look for a peg. In that manner, you’ll see what are the things you really need to buy and what’s missing.”


TIP 2: Know your priorities.

Her advice is to know what your priorities are when it comes to managing your under construction house, especially if you have children. “I love to do anything in my house, especially when I’m alone and bored at home.” she says.

“The first thing I would consider is the safety of my children; they’re just kids, they’re sensitive and clumsy at times, so I always make sure that our displays at home are kid-friendly.”

TIP 3: Choose Convenience.

She added that it is important to be convenient on choosing and buying home necessities. One of Marian’s tips as a Shopee Primetime Queen and hands-on homemaker is how she upgraded their home design without spending so much money.

“I am very fond of kitchenwares. The ingriedients I use when I do cooking especially when one of the ingridients is rare to find in grocery so I will check it on Shopee.”

In the mean time, she still dont want to give a statement about their under constraction “dream house” in exclusive village.