DongYan picked Paul Salas and Jillian Ward to portray them in a biopic movie.

DongYan love story.

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera prefered Paul Salas and Jillian Ward to play as them if they will make a film about their love story.

DongYan was asked which Kapuso stars they thought would make the best Marian and Dingdong if ever they would make a film about their love story.

“We are the ones who should do it to make it more realistic right? she answered while laughing. “What part are we going to start with?” Dingdong asked her.

She answered with a smile, “Let’s start the story when you first saw me on SOP, the time when you always stare me.”

But if we decide not to play it, Dingdong asked, “Who do you think could play as me and you? For me, Paul Salas could play as me.”

“It’s should be younger lady? It’s hard to choose for the girl who would play as me. Is it okay if I pick two? It would be either Jillian Ward or Cassy Legaspi.” Marian’s answered.

Ai-Ai who are also present in the virtual meet also gave her comment saying “And then if you will choose to star for the ‘old Marian’ it should be me”.

Marian rides Ai-Ai joke saying “I’m about to say that, thats why I asked if it should be younger because if not I have the thought to choose you. They will not be confused because we almost looked alike.”