Lolit about Marian: Nagumpisa kami nyan magkaaway. Pinapaiyak ko yan.

Lolit on why Marian is a successful and famous actress.

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes had a contract renewal media conference with Beautederm.

Many members of the entertainment press were present including Manay Lolit Solis who’s celebrating her birthday.

Marian joked, “She is the reason why we have pres conference right now (kidding). Happy Birthday Manay!”

Manay Lolit then told a story how Marian and her started as enemies, but because of Marian’s gesture towards her, she had a change of heart.

“You know, Marian and I started as enemies. I always made her cry but all artists should be like her. You know, she directly asked me what are the things that made me angry. If there is anything wrong she did.” She said.

“Because she is willing to correct it. If all the artists in showbiz industry is just like her, there will be no fight between the reporters and the artists.

That’s why she is one of the famous artist now because she has good manners.”

video from GenE!