Dantes Spotted on their way to Dessert Museum

Dantes family visit Dessert Museum

The Dantes Family was spotted yesterday May 22nd by a fan. They are on their way to visit Dessert Museum.

Dessert Museum is located at Seaside Boulevard, Pasay City. Dessert Museum is a interactive tasting adventure, that showcases your favorite sweets.

We can also see Ate Zia with some of her friends, While Mommy Marian is with Sixto and Daddy Dong keeping an eye and guiding everyone.

The fan posted her interaction with DongYan on her facebook account. She said their going out is worth it because she saw DongYan. “Sulit ang gala namin ngayon! nakita ko yung mga idol ko!”

She also took a selfie with DongYan. And took a couple of snaps and clips of The Dantes Family. Here are the photos and video she took.

Thank you Richelle for sharing these!