Zia kinantahan si Sixto ng sabay sabay tayo!

Zia is such a good Ate!

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera shared a video clip of Sixto on her Instagram Stories.

On the video we can hear Ate Zia singing ‘Sabay Sabay tayo’, her Momma Marian’s hit dance song while she kept Sixto entertained.

Sixto can’t help but to laugh at her Ate Zia. He even said, “Cute ni Ate Zia!”, and by Sixto’s reaction it looks like Ate Zia were dancing to ‘Sabay sabay tayo’ as well.

She probably memorized the steps of her Mom’s hit dance song. Zia also teases Sixto, “Andito na si Mama! Andito na si Mama!

Such a cute and adorable moment. Here’s the video:

Thanks The Chikka!