Dong and Sixto’s mother’s day message for Marian

Tender Care Live Event..

Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera had a live event for Mother Day with Tender Care.

Their son Sixto made a special appearance to greet his Mom a happy mother’s day, and when Marian asked him, “Sinong love ni Sixto?” He cutely replied, “Si Mama!”.

Ofcourse Dong also gave a mother’s day message to his wife Marian. Expressing his gratitude for his wife and how blessed they are to have Marian.

“We are so blessed, because of her dedication not only as a wife but even more as a mother.” He said.

“We are  very fortunate, that is why in this very important day, in this very important occasion, we would like to honor her.”

Dong said he greets all Moms out there but most specially his wife. “Siempre lahat narin ng ina pero higit sa lahat sa aking asawa for being who she is. Happy happy mother’s day!”

Here is the clip: