Alexa felt kilig because of Marian

Alexa’s admiration to Marian..

Alexa Ilacad sure had an awesome new year after her idol Marian Rivera liked her instagram post.

Alexa is one of Kapamilya stars who’s very vocal about idolizing Marian Rivera. She even said that Marian Rivera is her “Life Goal.”

Alexa posted about “Strong Woman” on instagram. She used the quote from R.H Sin “Sometimes an angel, sometimes a hell raiser, always a strong woman.”

One of Alexa’s fan tweeted a screen shot of Marian liking her post and tagged Alexa. She then reposted it and expressed her excitement.

“OHMYGOD!! 😭🤍😭🤍😭🤍😭 Kiliiiiiiiiig!” Alexa retweeted.

A true fan indeed.